Speaker: Rev. Elaine Strawn

I Hope You Dance

How have you gotten through the toughest times in your life? Hope is the strongest thing. Cameron will share the “Rules” which have kept him going – with hope and gratitude – through cancer and other life challenges. The Choir will perform.

This service begins our … read more.

The Roots of Beloved Community

“Mystery” is the theme this month…maybe that is the root of what holds us together. More often, though, it is the intentional conversations, trust, uncertainty and belief in human goodness which builds strength amidst insecurity and division. The Folk Orchestra will play.

I REFUSE Perfection! 

The resources, speakers, people pushing us forward into facing White Privilege are also freeing us all in many ways.  Perfectionism, needing to do it all and all the time are things which have bound us for too long.  As we face our “isms” … read more.


Sunrise Service [Rev. Elaine Strawn and Drew Frantz] at 7:30 am.

at 9:30am – Easter is a time of hope and miraculous renewal. This year it is followed by Earth Day, also a time of hope and renewal. This is an all-Congregation Service [Rev. Elaine Strawn … read more.

How Are We Broken? And How Are We  Whole? 

We focus on our monthly theme in this service.  What has pulled us apart?  And how have we gained the courage and the inspiration to move forward into healing? The Folk Orchestra will play.  Janice Baxstrom is the Worship Associate

Looking for Truth in All the Wrong Places

Fake news, Madison Avenue, TV evangelists, sometimes even our own thought processes can lead us down the wrong path. How do we develop an eye for the solid Truth which keeps us on the ground? The Choir will perform.