Speaker: Drew Frantz

Why We Need Unitarian Universalism Today

Our unique religious tradition of Unitarian Universalism evolved from liberal Christianity to the multi-faith movement we are today. How is this movement relevant and life-changing for those of us involved in it? What is the urgent and life-saving message that we offer to the community … read more.

Flower Communion

One of the most cherished annual celebrations of the Unitarian Universalist church is the flower communion. Its historical roots are from the Czech Unitarian minister Norbert Capek who died in World War II. Today we use the ritual to celebrate beauty and community. *Please bring … read more.


Sunrise Service [Rev. Elaine Strawn and Drew Frantz] at 7:30 am.

at 9:30am – Easter is a time of hope and miraculous renewal. This year it is followed by Earth Day, also a time of hope and renewal. This is an all-Congregation Service [Rev. Elaine Strawn … read more.

Follow Your Bliss

“Follow your bliss” is an idea from the Hindu Upanishads made popular by Joseph Campbell—the idea that we should figure out what makes us joyful and fulfilled, and spend more time doing that thing. We take time this Sunday to reflect and find our bliss, … read more.

Poverty, Classism, and Unitarian Universalism

The gap between rich and poor in this country is enormous and growing wider. Poverty is a reality for many people in our community. How are these issues related to our religious principles? In this church, are we welcoming to people of every socio-economic class? Let this be … read more.

The View from General Assembly

hat does it look like when thousands of Unitarian Universalists gather for worship, community building, social justice, and setting policies? How do national policies affect local congregations? Drew Frantz will share reflections from the annual UU national convention, held this year June 20-24 in Kansas City.

Healthy Masculinity

Boys and men in our culture are encouraged to be strong, in control, fearless, and non-emotional. A more healthy version of masculinity would include a good balance of being nurturing, kind and gentle as well. Where are the role models for this? What can men … read more.