There are many ways that you can help ensure the future of the fellowship.

Support our legacy.

  1. Unlike many older congregations, we do not have an endowment that was left to us by past generations.    Please help us build our endowment now by mentioning us in your will or making us your beneficiary.  There are matching funds available if you do.  Please fill out the forms at Wake Now Our Vision  to have 10% of your bequest matched NOW!
  2. Capital improvements and expansions can not be paid for out of the operating budget.  The first phase of our Capital Campaign was launched in October 2018.   Link to more information about the Capital Campaign. 
  3. Make a tribute gift in honor of someone.


  1. UUFWC Endowment Brochure
  2. Wake Now Our Vision.   10% matching funds for making us your beneficiary or mentioning us in your will.
  3. How to give the gift of stock
  4. If you are 70 1/2 or older, you can use your required minimum distribution from an IRA to support the Fellowship