I am life-long Unitarian Universalist, originally from New England, and have been a UU minister for over nineteen years. Before moving to Chicago, I was the Interim Minister for The UU Congregation of Columbia, South Carolina. I have also served as Interim Minister for the UU congregations in: Little Rock, Arkansas; Terre Haute, Fort Wayne, and South Bend, Indiana; Fredericksburg, Virginia; and Pittsfield, Maine. I have especially enjoyed my work in the areas of UU Religious Education for children and youth; church finances, fundraising, and capital campaigns; theme-based worship services; Social Justice and community organizing; and advising about the search for a settled minister. Some social justice causes I have advocated for include: gay rights and gay marriage; dismantling institutional racism; workers’ rights; standing against gun violence; and understanding and tolerance for religious minorities. I was the UU minister in Winchendon, Massachusetts for seven years. I have also provided support for people who have some disabilities, but also many gifts and graces. I received my Master of Divinity degree from Bangor Theological Seminary in May of 2001, and have also worked as a paralegal.

I was raised with an appreciation of our UU heritage’s Humanist roots in Unitarianism, and spirit-filled influences in Universalism. I was also inspired by the foundational ideas of UU Religious Education for children and youth, and by spending time outdoors with extended family. My personal theology is essentially Process Theology. I believe that there are forces in the universe that want beauty, truth, fairness, and compassion. But those forces are not omnipotent. We have to work with them. We have to do our part. My favorite famous Unitarians include Pete Seeger, John and Abigail Adams, Henry Bergh (the founder of the A.S.P.C.A.), Beatrix Potter, and Adlai Stevenson.

She can be reached at interim@uufwc.org.