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The Theology and Advocacy of Naturalist John Muir

Earth Day will be April 22nd, and Naturalist John Muir’s birthday is April 21st. Was John Muir a pantheism, Buddhist, or Humanist? His theology didn’t fit under one label. But his advocacy for the preservation of our nation’s natural resources was a gift we still … read more.

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Joys and Concerns

Each Sunday, we take time to share life-changing events which have occurred during our week. If you want share an event with the minister or the congregation during a service, click here, and complete PRIOR to Sunday.  The minister will receive this notice, and -if you choose- she will include it in the Time of Sharing. You can also type your Joy or Concern in the Q&A box on Sunday morning. Thank you.  We hope to create a time of reflection, of compassionate sharing, and of hope.
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