Elementary OWL and Caregivers as Educators Group

We are excited to have the return of Our Whole Lives for the 2022-23 year.

Middle school is up and running.

Offerings for 1st & 2nd grade and 5th & 6th grade will begin in January.

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Parents and Caregivers as Sexuality Educators
A Small Group Ministry
Sunday Evenings from 4:30 – 6:30pm

Childcare Available with Advance Request (dre@uufwc.org)
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This is for parents and caregivers of children in elementary through high school. As the primary sexuality educators for the children in your care this small group ministry can help you to gain comfort, develop communication skills, create a group of parent friends and support around the topic of human development, relationship skills, and human sexuality.  These are the parents and caregivers of your children’s friends. What a great chance to enhance your community support for each other and experience OWL as a ministry of our UU faith.

The small group ministry format provides a spiritually grounded space to approaching sexuality in a secular way that is grounded in science, in tune with the OWL lifespan sexuality education programs on which it is based.

Feeling ready to talk about challenging topics gives parents and caregivers the confidence to broach ideas and conversations that might never come up in regular discussions with children and youth. These sessions aim to help parents and caregivers feel ready.

Our Unitarian Universalist values, especially our first Principle—that we affirm the inherent worth and dignity of every person—guide us to affirm our youth in a way that allows them to grow into adulthood in a healthy and positive way, including their sexuality. Exploring our values with other parents allows us to open ourselves to new ideas and lose some of the negative scripts we might be carrying from our upbringing and past experiences. Talking through the ways we might approach challenging topics before we begin conversations with our youth gives us a chance to practice finding the right words, the most positive outlooks, ensuring that our conversations have a chance to be open and helpful to our children and youth.

I hope you will join us. If you have questions,  please reach out to Jenni at dre@uufwc.org

DATE              TOPIC
October 23      Hopes and Concerns for Kids’ Sexual Health
October 30      Communication: How Do We Talk about Sex?

November 6    Gender Identity: Exploring Emotions around Gender
November 20  Sexual Orientation: Supporting Self-Discovery

December 4    Relationships: Guiding with Wisdom

January 8       Sexual Health: Be a Trusted Source
January 22     Social Media: Integrity in a Changing World

February 5     Consent: Building Healthy Boundaries
February 12   Ethical Non-monagamy

March 12       Pornography: It’s Not Sex Ed
March 26       Unintended Pregnancy

April 16          Decision Making: Ready, Set, Let Go!