Speaker: Rev. Sam Byrd

Be Happy- No Matter What

There seems to be so much in our lives that limits our happiness, but what if the biggest obstacle to contentment is ourselves? Rev. Sam Byrd offers two steps to inner freedom to help us reflect on what is good in our lives.

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Pulpit Exchange

Rev. Byrd is the minister at the UU Church of Westfield Center. The ministers of our mini-cluster are exchanging pulpits this morning. Rev. Strawn will be at All Souls UU Church in Bellville.

Binary Misses So Much

We have lived in a gender binary construct for so long, that it is a constant challenge to look beyond those walls.  Rev. Byrd is the minister of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Westfield Center and a founder of the Prysm group in Wooster.  He … read more.