Speaker: Rev. Jennie Barrington

Annual Meeting Sunday

Now is the time when UUFWC is looking ahead toward starting its relationship with a new minister. This morning, Rev. Jennie will lift up some ways to begin a new relationship so that it is healthy and sustainable. This sermon is inspired by the book … read more.

Saving Paradise

On this Easter Sunday, Rev. Jennie will examine many imagines of Easter and “paradise,” especially from the book by the Rev. Dr. Rebecca Parker and Rita Brock called, Saving Paradise – How Christianity Traded Love of This World for Crucifixion and Empire. We can reimagine … read more.

Practicing Non-Violence

The march from Selma to Montgomery was from March 7 – 21 st , fifty-six year ago. And we are in the middle of the Season for Non-Violence. Rev. Jennie will look to John Lewis, and Mohandas Gandhi, for guidance as to how to practice … read more.

The Gentle Wisdom of Max Ehrmann

This morning marks one year since our first on-line worship service, due to the pandemic. We really thought that we would be back to in-person worship by now. Rev. Jennie will look to the poem, “The Desiderata,” and the life of its author, Max Ehrmann, … read more.