Speaker: Jenni Papp

RE Sunday

This Sunday we reflect on the importance of Religious Exploration, how it informs our faith and
celebrate those volunteers in our congregation who help to make it happen. We also will celebrate our
bridging youth, Ethan Keating and Ben Stavnezer.

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Love is the Center of Our Faith

Love has always been at the center of our faith. In this exploratory service, we will explore the love we have received as a heritage from our faith ancestors and consider how this love is manifest today in modern Unitarian Universalism.

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How Stories Change

Our world is shaped by the stories we tell. Whether it is the stories about our family of origin, the heroes we admire or a cautionary fairy tale, stories mold our perspective. What happens when the stories change? Join us for this exploratory worship service … read more.

Life Long Learning

Religious education is often a term that is used to talk about teaching children about our (and other) faiths. But religious education doesn’t stop at the classrooms. Join Rev. Walter and DRE Jenni Papp as they explore what RE means to all of us.

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What is the Story We Will Tell?

Religious Exploration Sunday

[led by Jenni Papp, Director of Religious Education, and Jess Eikleberry, Youth Ministry Coordinator]
We will have a “fellowship story” for this past year. What will it be? What will be the “moral?”  Today we will reflect on the highlights and lowlights of … read more.

Holiday Pageant: A UU Nativity

UU Nativity Pop-Up Pageant!

All generations will join together as we create and enjoy this ancient story. We will explore to find the meaning for us today as Unitarian Universalists. 

Please bring the worship bag you have received to the service with you.
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