Building Dedication

Our March 6th service will be a building dedication. As of March 1st, we have changed our plan. Please see the post about the recommendations from the Safe Reopen committee. LINK

All are welcome to attend in person or enjoy the service online using Facebook Live.  []
To stay safe and comfortable, we are holding 2 worship services at 9 am and 11 am.

Despite the lifting of the mask mandate by the CDC, while in large groups, such as worship, we will continue to mask, but we will no longer enforce social distancing. We request that everyone is up to date with their vaccines. This means that we can increase the number of people we can have in the sanctuary on March 6th. If you have made reservations, we ask that you keep them. If you have not made a reservation, you are welcome to come without one.  We will keep six social distance pods in the sanctuary for those who wish to maintain social distancing.

At 10:15 am – we will hear from the Expansion committee, the board and others. And will attempt a group photo. This gathering is inside, as we expect rain that day. If the sanctuary is too crowded, we hope we will be able to stream this to the Large Group room.

  • We will ask that you wear a tightly fitted mask. 
  • We ask that everyone is up to date with their vaccinations. 
  • We are anticipating having to use Freedlander Park and/or the parking lot at the Burbank Rd. Soccer fields.  You may drop off your carload and then park.