Birthday Cake Sunday

Thank you! We raised $161.00 to help support the Cakes for Kids project.

BIRTHDAY CAKE SUNDAY is MARCH 8. Make a donation and get a slice of cake. The Social Action Committee provides birthday cakes for residents of OneEighty with our Cakes for Kids program. Who wouldn’t be happy to get a birthday cake? Moms are included in this too. With your donation, we can purchase foil pans, cake mixes, frosting, and supplies needed for decorating.

CAKES FOR KIDS VOLUNTEERS NEEDED. Sue Gross is offering an Easy Cake Decorating Class on Saturday, March 7 from 10:00 a.m. to noon at the UUFWC. Requests for cakes have become more frequent, so more volunteers are needed. Single layer 9” round or 8”x 8” square decorated cakes are provided and delivered to the OneEighty shelter. The lead time for cakes is usually short. If you enjoy baking, you might want to bake a few cakes and have them in your freezer for quick frosting and delivery. If you would like to provide a cake, but don’t like to bake or decorate, small cakes can be purchased at Buehler’s or WalMart. A 7” to 12” cake can be purchased for $8 to $15 and will be decorated without additional cost.