It’s time to sign up for Mystery Pals!

Mystery Pals is a UU intergenerational program designed to connect adults with children or youth within our congregation who may not otherwise have the chance to interact with one another. The Mystery Pal program provides an opportunity to connect, spread kindness, and make a friend in another generation! As part of the program, Mystery Pals will exchange clues over a four week period this month leading up to a big reveal during an upcoming service!

Want to participate?

Adults and children (with the help of their parents) can sign up in person on Sunday, February 3rd in the fellowship lobby or by emailing me at When signing up, you will be asked to provide an initial clue (think: fun fact) about yourself. Pals will be assigned a “code name” of a famous UU which you will find out when you receive your first clue. Then, on the following two Sundays, each pal will write and drop off a letter with another clue into the Mystery Mailbox. The mailbox will be set up in the UUFWC lobby. If you cannot attend one Sunday, letters may be dropped off during office hours throughout the week. Letters should be in a standard envelope, already stamped, and with your pal’s code name written on the front (leaving room for their address, please).
Each week the letters will be sent to your Mystery Pal. Then, the mystery will be over when the pals are introduced on
March 3rd!!

To participate, you MUST commit to submitting a clue each of the three weeks AND be available to attend the 9:30 am service on March 3rd so that every participant will be able to meet their Mystery Pal on that date.