Spring Cleanup! Landscape Workday

Sunday, May 6, after each service –  Come ready to help in the garden!
We need people to clean out dead wood, do some mulching of the beds, and general cleanup. We need to prune and shape the shrubs, and the birches in front and around the property. This spring we need to prepare the ground for planting trees /shrubs at the east end of the parking lot where trees were removed.

Please bring your:
Wheelbarrows,  Weed Whackers,  Rakes, Pitchforks,  Shovels, Brush hog, Trailers for brush, Chain saws, Gloves, and Pruners

ADOPTED BEDS -We gratefully thank the many volunteers that have each adopted a mulched bed.  And enjoy the beauty they have brought to the fellowship.   On the workday, we help them by weeding, and pruning and helping with the beds again this year.

Please adopt a bed! We have big and little beds, which await a loving touch. These are the people who adopted beds last year:    Karen Skubik, Helen Ostermiller, Elaine Strawn, Laura Moore, Tim Breiner, Sue Gross, Ruthie Sewell, Susan Heady, Carol Noel, Kat Gibbons, Leah & Emma G., Gochnauer Family, Tabi Barbu

Please come and give us some direction. We want to give the beds a helpful start. Please contact Ruthie if you have any questions, would like to adopt a bed, or are unable to work on your bed this season.

As part of the Beltane Celebration events (see page 2) and the Spring Cleaning Landscape Workday, there will be a potluck after the second service. Bring a favorite dish to share and enjoy the wonderful company!