Beltane Festivities

On May 6th, in addition to the service, please join us:

Make Your Own Pagan Prayer Beads & Mini Maypole Wands 10:45 am

Both fun and meditative, these crafts are for adults and kids (though younger children may need assistance). Stations will be set up outdoors and supplies will be provided.

Potluck 11:45 (after second service)

Nothing brings people together quite like food…bring a favorite dish to share and enjoy the wonderful company!

The Wishing Tree & The Burning of the Past (ongoing throughout morning)

The Wishing Tree and the Burning of the Past are two individual rituals to help let go of past negativity and to move towards a bright future. For the Wishing Tree, your hopes and dreams for the future are written on pieces of ribbon and tied to a tree. This symbolizes all that you wish to give life to in the upcoming year. For the Burning of the Past, those things which you want to leave behind are written on a piece of paper. The pieces of paper will all be burned collectively at the end of the festivities, thus releasing them to the universe.

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