Survey Time!

Thank you for filling out your survey.

Who filled out the survey? And what did we find?

In summary, 127 older, active, satisfied people filled out the survey.  Most meaningful is the Sunday service, the sermon and our community of friends. Our needs, whether spiritual or social, are largely met ‘very well’.  Eating together is the preferred way to get to know each other better.  We stay informed by reading the newsletter.  If we attend with children, the RE program is well regarded.  We will probably have something similar to the Living the Principles services and programming—but with a different focus.

Not everyone falls into this description.   28 people would like to be more involved, or involved in something different.  Adult RE could be improved, especially by offering more variety.  47 people would like to be more involved in social justice projects.  If you indicated that you’d like to be more involved, please reach out to Karen, Elaine or Anne and we will try to find a way to connect you to a group.  If anyone is interested in taking over the newsletter, please contact Anne.

For the details, please look at the charts and more explanation in the lobby.

What can you expect?  Elaine has contacted the people who wanted to be contacted.  You will see some changes in Adult RE.  There are 2 new things starting in February.  Chelsea and the RE committee will look at the comments made about RE.

If you didn’t fill out a survey but would like to comment, you can always talk to Elaine.