November is the Month of All Souls and Gratitude

We are surrounded by divisions.  Our action: advocacy, naming, compassion.  But our own inner selves require healing, also.  The 19th century  Perennial Wisdom [Rami Shapiro] or philosophia perennis [Aldous Huxley ] pointed to an idea of a shared universal truth contained throughout history in all the world religions.   It and feeds this need for wider perspective, hope and healing.

November may intensify OR calm deep chasms created by this political year. I invite you to sit with the widest spiritual truth: the recognition that we are all an ever-changing wave, part of one ocean, part of the whole.

Here is the process:

Check the UUFWC Facebook page each day for a new Perennial Wisdom quote.  Sit with it, mediate on it, journal it.   Then join me on Wednesdays at 3 or 8 for an hour of discussion/sharing/listening.

Questions?  Contact Elaine Strawn