Congregational discussion

Please join us on September 25 after the service to determine our congregational statement of public witness on issues of racial justice.

Many UU congregations have responded to the violence against people of color in our society. They have posted “Black Lives Matter” signs, marched in Moral Monday events, hosted reading circles. In February a group of us engaged in a study and discussion of the book “Waking Up White”. This led to a deeper understanding of the meaning of white privilege. It also demanded that we looked deeper into the experiences of people of color in our society…something which often bypasses our attention.

The Racial Justice group was born from this study. Since that time, members have discussed books such as “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” and “Between the World and Me” [Coates]. Members have joined the NAACP and Westminster Presbyterian in requesting that Confederate flags not be sold at the Wayne County Fair; with others from the community, members have stood with their anti-racism signs at the square in Wooster; members have erected a memorial to the five police and two African American men who were gunned down the week of July 4.

We have asked for your feedback throughout the process. Now it time to make a decision which reflects our UU commitment to action and justice.