What does it mean to make a pledge to the capital campaign? Your pledge is the total amount of money that you want to give toward the building renovation over the 3-year project timeline.

How much should I give? Only you can decide how much you are able to give. The table below shows you the ranges for annual and monthly contributions that would result in a capital campaign gift 3 to 5 times the size of your annual pledge.Why? Because our capital campaign goal is 4.5 times the size of our annual budget.

When do I have to pay my pledge?

You can fulfill your pledge in a number of ways over the 3-year project timeline. You can give your entire pledge in one lump sum immediately or at any time during the 3 years, you can pay it in 3 annual donations, or even make your pledge in monthly payments over the course of the 3 years. If none of these scenarios work for you, then just tell us what does.

How can I pay my pledge? Some people make monthly payments from their current income, while others make payments from their savings. Some people choose to give stocks that have increased in value and then benefit from the tax deduction, which currently is equivalent to the full market value of the gift with no capital gains taxes. In other cases, individuals have borrowed from a retirement plan or taken out a home equity loan. What’s important is that you fulfill your pledge in the way that you feel comfortable. Charitable donations are tax deductible, but you should check with a financial advisor if you have questions about changes in the tax code or about how a particular method of payment—stocks, for example—would impact you.

More information on How Can I Pledge and Pay My Pledge.

If I give to the capital campaign, can I decrease what I contribute to the annual stewardship campaign? Because stewardship contributions pay for on-going costs like electricity, supplies, and salaries needed to help our Fellowship function, it’s important that you not decrease your annual stewardship campaign donation. Instead, make your capital campaign pledge with your annual stewardship campaign pledge already in mind.

Is it worth pledging if I can only make a small donation? While we hope that our friends and members will give as generously as they can, we realize that everyone’s situation is different. However, every gift counts! UUA consultant David Rickard shared a story about a member of his congregation, John, who was excited about a new building but also retired and on a limited budget. At first, John said he couldn’t contribute to their capital campaign. He later came back, excited, and said, “I decided that I could put $2 in a coffee can every day to pay the pledge and, over the next 3 years, that will be almost $2200.” Small gifts add up!

What if my financial situation changes? We know that you make your pledge with a great deal of thoughtfulness. If, however, your financial situation changes and you are unable to fulfill your pledge, we understand. On the other hand, if your financial situation changes because you won the lottery, then come see us!