Make a Gift from Your IRA for the Capital Campaign

If you are over 70-1/2, you can withdraw your donation from your IRA as part of your required minimum distribution—the minimum amount you must withdraw from your account each year—to support the capital campaign. This means that the amount you donate will not be considered part of your gross income and will not be taxable.

  • You are limited to gifts from an IRA, either traditional or ROTH. (Gifts from 401k, 403b, etc. do not qualify)
  • You can give any amount up to $100,000.
  • If you decide to do this, please contact your IRA provider for information on how to make a ‘qualified charitable distribution.’  They will transfer the funds directly from your IRA to the Fellowship. 
    • Please contact Anne Wilson at  to let us know about your gift, so that we may thank you.

If you are younger than 70-1/2, you can still donate from your IRA, but you don’t receive the tax benefits.

Again, as with all significant financial decisions, we recommend that you contact your financial planner since tax laws continue to evolve.