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Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch

Guest speaker – Rev. Erin Guzmán, chaplain at the college of Wooster and minister ordained in the Presbyterian tradition graces our pulpit this Sunday. The Book of Acts includes the story of an Ethiopian Eunuch, largely considered to be outcasts, occupying a “third space” in … read more.

Letting Delight In

Life can be so serious. Bills to pay, doctors appointments, and a perpetual cycle of bad news make it easy to fall into a state of perpetual gloom. How do we find delight in this world while still respecting the realities of life?

Join us in … read more.

We Are Creators

1980’s Pop icon Prince was such a creative force that when he died, he left a vault of unreleased
recordings that he imagined would never see the light of day. What is it about the creative process that
drives some to create without ever planning on sharing … read more.

RE Sunday

This Sunday we reflect on the importance of Religious Exploration, how it informs our faith and
celebrate those volunteers in our congregation who help to make it happen. We also will celebrate our
bridging youth, Ethan Keating and Ben Stavnezer.

Missed the Service? You can watch it … read more.

Creatively Nurturing (Flower Communion)

Parenting can seem so mundane. Establishing routines, setting boundaries and maintaining a small
semblance of order (and sanity). We can forget that the act of caretaking a young one is the act of
helping to create a person. This Sunday we reflect on what it takes to … read more.

The Defiant Heart

Aesop wrote, “An act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted,” but when it comes to act of
justice in the face of oppression, our one small action can feel like putting out a forest fire with an eye
dropper. This Sunday we talk about … read more.