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Blue Christmas

This meditative Thursday service is for those who struggle with the holiday season. This time of year can be especially hard for those of us who have recently lost loved ones or have had struggles with family. Sit with us as we take a breath … read more.

Fresh Eyes

The bright colors of fall have faded and the stark greys of winter surround us. In these dreary days it can be hard to find beauty and connect to our sense of wonder and awe. How can we look at the world around us with … read more.

How Stories Change

Our world is shaped by the stories we tell. Whether it is the stories about our family of origin, the heroes we admire or a cautionary fairy tale, stories mold our perspective. What happens when the stories change? Join us for this exploratory worship service … read more.

All Souls

We often reflect over the events of the calendar year as it ends, often dwelling on the memories of those we have lost. This Sunday we gather in comfort and share our losses in this traditional UUFWC service where we light candles and share. Led … read more.