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Past as Prologue

The recent rise in book banning and hate groups had led to the word “fascism” being used to describe the times we live in. The disparities between the working poor and the billionaire class are wider now then they were in France before the revolution. … read more.

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

 Our histories (Unitarian Universalist and The United States) are filled with giants who brought us to where we are today. What is our responsibility to those giants and their vision and just how to we fit in? How beholden are we to the past?

Join us … read more.

Water Communion

We celebrate coming together again for the congregational year with our annual Water Communion
ritual. Bring water from your favorite place you visited over the year or even your tap at home for the
water ceremony. In this embodied worship we celebrate the importance and strength of … read more.

For the Love of Dirty Hands

On this Labor Day weekend, we celebrate the creative spirit of working with your hands. To create is to
bring part of yourself into this world. It is an act of leaving one’s mark and sharing one’s gift with the

Missed the service? Watch it here: … read more.