Our church calendar is actually multiple calendars that are overlayed to create one view of all of the activities taking place. A calendar was created for each room at our facility to make it easier for people to find room availability when a room request is being made.

  1. The calendar can be viewed in three ways: a MONTH view, a WEEK view, and an AGENDA view. You can toggle between the views by clicking on the blue tabs located on the upper right side of the calendar.calendarnavigationtabs
  2. To change the dates, click on the forward arrow or reverse arrow icons located on the upper left side of the calendar.calendarnavarrows
  3. To see which room calendars are being displayed, click on the small blue triangle that’s to the right of the “agenda” tab. A window will open with check boxes next to each calendar displayed. You can toggle the check box to add or remove the specific calendar from view.calendar_filter-list
  4. To view details of a particular event, click on the individual item. Relevant details about the meeting or event may appear.