Notice of Annual Meeting

The Board of Directors invites the membership to our annual meeting Sunday, May 22nd following the service (approximately 11:15am). [Anyone may attend, only the membership may vote.]

The meeting will also be available to view on our YouTube channel: YouTube

People cannot vote via YouTube, so you must obtain a proxy before the meeting or plan to attend in person.   Link to Proxy Form

At the annual meeting we will hear from Expansion on the conclusion of our renovation; and we will consider and vote on leadership positions (see below), the 2022-2023 proposed annual budget (attached), and an amendment to our bylaws (attached).  

The slate presented by the Leadership Development Team:


  • Barb Long Moore
  • Laura Burch
  • Barbara Moore

Leadership Development Team

  • Erin Bosley Palmer
  • Russ Fillmore
  • Joanne Downs

Bylaws Proposed Change To Article VIII


There shall be a nine member Leadership Development Team whose function it is to lead, support, and encourage leadership development in all aspects of the congregational life of the UUFWC. The LDT will nominate a slate of persons for vacant positions on the Board of Directors and the LDT. The members of the Leadership Development Team, elected by ballot for 3 year terms at the Annual Meeting, shall serve staggered terms. Each 3 year term shall commence on June 1st and end on June 30th.

Delete: No one shall be elected to serve consecutive 3 year terms on the Leadership Development Team and

Insert: A LDT member shall not also be a member of the Board of Directors. A LDT member may serve two consecutive three-year terms if their skills are needed to help the LDT continue the advancement of their educational goals.

The Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2021-2022 can be found here: