From the Safe Reopen committee

Revised COVID Guidelines (3/28/22)

  • Masking indoors for gathering is now optional.
  • We still encourage you to be as up to date on your vaccinations as you can be.  And mask if you are not vaccinated. 
  • We will always welcome folks with masks. We understand that unmasking is too risky for some.
  • Coffee service can now resume after service. [But will not yet be available for April 3rd]
  • Singing unmasked is permitted within the sanctuary.
  • Anyone who is feeling ill for what ever reason is asked to stay home. Influenza is still a factor. We ask that you consider those around you who may be immune compromised and refrain from attending functions in person while ill.
  • COVID is not gone. The nature of this virus is constantly changing. Don’t throw out your masks yet for they may be needed in the future.  One of the reasons we feel safe about unmasking now is that we know, should the need arise again, our community will do so.  Please check your e-mail and other announcements for updates to our safety protocols should the situation change.