Time to Vote!

UUFWC Congregational Meeting

Sunday, May 2, 2021

Vote to Call Rev. Walter Clark

Immediately following the Sunday, May 2 service we will hold a Congregational Meeting to vote to call Rev. Walter to be the next minister of the UUFWC.

It is important that you attend the meeting and make your voice heard!

  • Votes can be cast at https://form.jotform.com/210334952441146.
  • Votes may be cast between 11-1 pm on Sunday, May 2.
  • Please attend the Congregational Meeting. There must be 46 individuals present for a quorum.
  • Only members can vote to call a new minister and the vote must pass by at least 90% of voting members.
  • If you cannot vote online, call Danni Schantz (330.201.2009) or John Waldman (567.303.2864) to cast your vote by phone. Your vote will be kept confidential.
  • The results of the vote will be posted in the UUFWC website and emailed.



Feel free to contact any member of the team with questions.

Danni Schantz, Chair, 330.201.2009  |  Susan Heady, 330.749.4292  |  Mady Noble, 330.465.4080  |  Ruth Sewell, 330.347.6360  |  Dan Stavnezer, 330.201.0157   |  John Waldman, 567.303.2864   |  Mary Wicks, 330.317.4681