The World’s On Fire (and We Still Fall in Love)

After almost a year of pandemic life, some days may feel almost normal, while others still bring us to our knees. Drawing upon the poetry of Rainer Maria Rilke and her own spiritual practice of music-making, Unitarian Universalist Rev. Erin Walter will reflect on how we may … read more.

Practicing Non-Violence

The march from Selma to Montgomery was from March 7 – 21 st , fifty-six year ago. And we are in the middle of the Season for Non-Violence. Rev. Jennie will look to John Lewis, and Mohandas Gandhi, for guidance as to how to practice … read more.

Guest Speaker: Cal Frye

Cal Frye is a friend of our congregation, and an experienced UU preacher. He grew up in Wooster, and is a member of the UU congregation in Kent, Ohio. Many of our members know Cal from several years of attending Summer Institute. We are happy … read more.