Legacy Challenge

The Legacy Challenge has exceeded its goal! As of November 28th, we had received $100,970 in pledges and gifts allowing us to leverage the entire $100,000 match. This means we will have an additional $200,000 for the expansion project. 

You are all supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! Peg and the committee thank each of you who made or plan to make donations, especially the members that put up the matching funds. We could not have done this without you! Peg also thanks those who assisted with making phone calls, preparing treats, addressing letters and keeping track of pledges and donations. You are one awesome congregation!

Make yours a Memorial!

As we announced during services over the past couple of weeks, the capital campaign is including the possibility that you can make your Legacy Challenge pledge or gift a memorial to a loved one, a past member of our fellowship, some other great UU, or some other person important to you. We will recognize these memorials with a ‘Legacy Challenge Memorials’ plaque in the fellowship. 

I was considering my memorial gift to the Legacy challenge, and started thinking about Margaret Leben. She and her husband Kurt were founding members of our Fellowship – both of them were retired by the time I arrived in Wooster. Margaret was so supportive of our youth; she lent a willing helping hand for anything they needed. She loved that the kids were so into the Harry Potter – this was the time when the series was coming out – that she bought the series for our Fellowship’s library. I’ll leave it there, but if you ever catch me in a coffee room, ask me for a story about Margaret, Kurt or their son Clay. I welcome you to also make a memorial gift to the Legacy Challenge. For those who have already donated to the challenge, you can make your gift or pledge a memorial by sending me an email or giving me a call.